Euro-Vision November

October 31, 2013


Last month we watched as Italy teetered on the brink of another governmental meltdown as Berlusconi’s PDL threatened to show their support for the bunga-bungaing septuagenarian by storming out of the already fragile coalition. Unfortunately for Silvio, and fortunately for Italy, the PDL’s top brass caught themselves on and realised that jeopardising their own political […]


October 3, 2013


Catherine Coffey keeps us up to date in what will be a monthly post on what’s going on in Europe!   Hello! And welcome to a shiny new summary of some of the past month’s most important/amusing European events, making sure that next time the pub quiz’s current affairs round looks further afield than the […]

Photography Walking Tour Preview

September 26, 2013


Originally posted on PG Voice:
The photography walking tour is proving to be a popular addition to Welcome Week, and today we did a practice run to ensure that it will be an awesome experience for all! Route: International and Postgraduate Student Centre – Botanic Train Station (5 mins) – Take train to Titanic Quarter Train…

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Postcard from London

September 24, 2013


POSTCARD FROM LONDON An award-winning essay by Michael Irwin         Tube posters say: Do not skateboard on the platform. Do not take your dogs up the escalator. No Smoking Anywhere. Blessed be the rule of ‘NO’. So don’t help when you see a crowd tramp through a girl’s suitcase spilled on the […]

Winter shopping on the High Street

September 18, 2013


Can you feel that foul wind? #winteriscoming, and I don’t mean from Winterfell. It’s time to get buying those jumpers… Zara have gone for the tartan look in a big way, so get down there for a bit of Sex Pistols chic (or Bay City Rollers, depending on how you rock it)       […]

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How to celebrate post-submission in Belfast!

September 16, 2013


So you’ve finally done it, hooray 🙂 If you’re reading this, we hope that after a lot of blood, sweat, and tears you have submitted your MA dissertation or PhD Thesis. After you catch up on some much needed sleep here are some fun ways to celebrate in Belfast this week: Go to the theatre […]

Item of the Week

September 14, 2013


Do you worry about your pet’s eyesight? Is the warm Irish sun proving too much for your pooch? Have you experienced serious incidents involving canines that would have been avoidable if they were wearing the correct protective eyewear? Enter out item of the week – the Doggle. Yes, goggles for dogs are growing in popularity […]

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