Item of the Week

Posted on September 14, 2013


Doggles – the next step in dog couture

Do you worry about your pet’s eyesight? Is the warm Irish sun proving too much for your pooch? Have you experienced serious incidents involving canines that would have been avoidable if they were wearing the correct protective eyewear? Enter out item of the week – the Doggle. Yes, goggles for dogs are growing in popularity worldwide seemingly, seen on pet catwalks everywhere.* This ‘performance outdoor wear for dogs‘ has been featured in The Guardian and the  Wyoming based Sheridan Press, two broadsheets indubitably at the forefront of public opinion.

Whilst sarcasm is a key component of ‘Item of the Week’, let’s for a minute withhold our waggish comments, dim the lights, and feel some compassion.  According to The Scotsman, a dog has been given a new lease of life after being given a special pair of sunglasses to help him walk outside in the sunshine for the first time in four years. Bugsy, 10, is now able to walk in the sunshine thanks to a pair of ‘Doggles’ – sunglasses for dogs – which protect his eyes from harmful UV rays. May he frolic in joy o’er vales and hills.

Don’t forget you heard it here first. Doggles are the future.




*The author has made this up, but given the peculiar and diacritic nature of humanity’s peccadilloes, this probably actually happens.