Happy New Year people. I hope you’ve made those resolutions, tidied your desks, and eaten the last of Quality Street. 2012 is upon us, and the January issue endeavours to cheer you up – we have lots of travel articles so you can imagine yourself somewhere warm, tips on sales bargains, and commentary on the absurdity of the Costa Concordia-gate. Feast your eyes, and give your turkey filled bellies a rest.



As the Christmas market packs up and leaves us for another year, the PG Voice team takes this as our cue to down tools (pens, Mac Books, highly dangerous chemicals) and make the frantic pilgrimage into town this Christmas week to buy presents.

You will see us laden with bags and coats in Dunnes, hats askew in HMV, huffing around in Waterstones like some foul creatures crawling towards Bethlehem.

Amidst David Cameron’s controversial calls to return to traditional Christian values (address letters to pg.voice@qub.ac.uk) we, the team, beseech you to take some time this week and relax. Order some mulled wine in The Whistling Pig, chomp happily through a Boojum, do some Tea Dancing in the Ulster Hall. Enjoy a meal with your family, and forget about your studies.

A very warm and happy Christmas from all of us.

Here’s to 2012.


November is a bleary month. It began with troubling financial news and grey days, and it will end with a massive public sector strike and the grinding halt of our poorly organised transport system. A postgraduate student could be forgiven for hunkering in a windowless room and emerging only in darkness…

Let the PG Voice fill your office with light! We have some salacious celebrity news, with analysis of the MTV European Music Awards and the show trial of Michael Jackson’s hapless doctor. We have recommendations for movies and exhibitions to lure you out into the recession-weary streets. We have news of activism – hurrah! Our generation is back on the streets! And we have a tantalising travel section to perk up your beaks.

Christmas is coming. It may be leaner than usual, but rest happy in the knowledge that you are smarter than this time last year, thanks to all your research (and The Guardian). I guarantee you have more Facebook friends than this time last year. And, just possibly, a famous person is following you on Twitter. Dark days indeed.

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