Winter shopping on the High Street

Posted on September 18, 2013


Can you feel that foul wind? #winteriscoming, and I don’t mean from Winterfell. It’s time to get buying those jumpers…

Zara have gone for the tartan look in a big way, so get down there for a bit of Sex Pistols chic (or Bay City Rollers, depending on how you rock it)













Tartan reminds me, in the least seductive way possible, of my wilderness years in high school, so I’ll be avoiding it like the plague. Luckily, Zara have also concocted this cute jumper outfit…












Leather, according to fashionistas, is big news this season. I do have a leather skirt, but the slippery nature of the material does have the unhappy consequence of making it slip back to front as I walk. If this doesn’t put you off, check out Topshop, who are having a typically ridic heroin-chic moment.












It’s all a bit too nineties meets Linda Lovelace in Toppers at the minute for my delicate disposition.












In my older years I find myself veering towards Mango for a bit of respectable suitage, although here it looks a bit power-dressing meets… herion chic. Dammit.












To summarise the trend for Autumn/Winter 2013, I would call it “drug addicted bonkers and Rihanna-we-found-love-in-a-hopeless-Bay-City-Rollers-place” post-apocalyptic grunge. A style which is nicely summed up by Urban Outfitters:












Gotta love a bit of shabby chic. But where are all the jumpers?

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